Should I put starch in my dress shirts? 
This is a matter of personal preference. Some guys like the firm look of  a starched shirt. Myself, I prefer light or even no starch. If you decide to use starch note that it will weaken the fabric and decrease the life of the shirt.

Can I wear brown shoes with navy or grey clothing?
Yes – again this is personal preference. The designer police has yet to arrest anyone for the “brown shoe” phenomena.

Should I have working buttonholes in my jackets?
Again, having working buttonholes is a personal preference. It is usually a sign of a custom-made jacket; however, today we can put them in an off-the-rack jacket. It is a costly up charge of $150. If you decide to get this sartorial touch on your jacket, please do not leave any unbuttoned.  (You wouldn’t leave your fly unbuttoned.) It is a clear sign of showing off or trying too hard to impress others.

Now that we are wearing flat front trousers, are we still to put cuffs on our bottoms? 
Yes, cuffs add weight to the bottom of the trouser which gives a clean appearance. You may decline cuffs on your casual trousers that mat be worn with cowboy boots or golf shoes. Never cuffs on tuxedo trousers or jeans.

Do I have to wear a solid shirt with a patterned jacket?
No, though our mothers told us to. You can easily wear a fine stripe or a small check shirt with a plaid jacket. I prefer the scale of the pattern in the shirt and the jacket to be different.

To sock or not to sock?
With a resurgence of the preppy look (we never wore socks with loafers or topsiders in the 70’s) it is acceptable to go  sockless. However, wear socks for formal or serious occasions. I personally like the sockless look until cold weather arrives.

What is the proper length of my trouser? 
There is a range of acceptability. In slimmer trousers with no pleats, a heavy break does not work. We recommend for those who like a break to have your trousers 2 inches from the floor. I personally like no break and have my trousers 2 1/2 inches from the floor. It does flood in New Orleans!

Should I be wearing a pocket square in my jackets? 
Yes, we have always been a believer in pocket squares and handkerchiefs. Use a white linen or a cotton handkerchief with points up or squared-off for formal occasions or when the imagination is waning.  We love small checks and plaids and linen, cotton or wool. An old stand-by is a colorful paisley in silk or wool. Stop by and we will recommend one for your jacket.

What is the proper tie width today? 
3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches is acceptable. Our Italian tie makers are currently making them 8-8 1/2 cm. This is in proportion to jacket lapel width.


Please email us at george@georgebass.com with any questions you may have.