Welcome to George Bass. We feature an edited collection of the best of men’s clothing and accessories. Our life story has shaped who we are today. My early days of parochial uniforms (navy trousers, white shirts, and navy clip-on ties) led me to venture out by buying “fun clothes”.
You could say the school uniforms represented conformity and the fun clothes were a way of expressing self. Little did I know that this would stir in me a passion for dressing and opening my own clothing store.
My wife, Kathy and I opened the shop in New Orleans in 1985 and we are still in the original location. Kathy worked with me in the early days before children. It was a labor of love and a life of faith. The family affair continues with our son, Chase, running our second shop in Baton Rouge. The guiding principles that have made us successful is the care for the customer and teaching him that
“Quality is Economy.”